API Help Page

DataForce Fantasy Football provides an application programmer interface for sites that wish to capture draft and roster information from DataForce leagues. You are free to use this information however you wish, assuming your intent is to make the DataForce experience more enjoyable for our customers.

All times are greenwich mean time. All API calls follow this similar format.

      Example: https://www.dataforceff.com/api?league={league}&fetch={request}&format={format}&test={test}


All API calls must contain a league number. Every DataForce league has a unique number, located on the bottom left of the league dashboard.


There are several data sets that can be requested by calling the API:

Team Names

This provides team numbers (1 through 10 or 12) and team names.

      Example: https://www.dataforceff.com/api?league=302&fetch=teamnames&format=xml&test=1

League Rules

This gives basic information about the type of league, including roster requirements.

      Example: https://www.dataforceff.com/api?league=302&fetch=rules&format=json&test=1

Team Rosters

This provides each team's player list, and the position in which each player currently resides. There are several player identification numbers provided:

      Example: https://www.dataforceff.com/api?league=302&fetch=rosters&format=xml&test=1

Draft Results

This gives the draft picks taken. It can be run during or after a draft. For an auction, the information provided includes the nominating team as well as the winning team and winning bid. If a player has been nominated but no winning bid is specified, the auction is currently underway.

      Example: https://www.dataforceff.com/api?league=302&fetch=draft&format=json&test=1

Free Agents

This provides all players available for either free agency or waivers. Waivers are available by blind bidding only at 9pm central time each Wednesday. After the final Wednesday of the preseason, and after each Wednesday of the regular season, players who were not purchased during the waiver process become free agents, and are available for pickup at any time before the start of their game.

If a player is not available for waivers or free agency, he will not be listed. This includes players on team rosters, players that were dropped in the current week, and players who are permanently locked. (Drops after week 12 of the season are removed from the player pool.)

      Example: https://www.dataforceff.com/api?league=302&fetch=freeagents&format=xml&test=1

Format (optional)

JSON (default) or XML

Test (optional)

0 = data will be presented in stream for your interface (default)
1 = data will be pretty-printed to your display