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Color-coded Fantasy Football Draft Board

Watching your fantasy draft or auction becomes more enjoyable and easier to spot draft trends with DataForce's color-coded draft board. Fantasy football drafting is an art form, and art deserves to be attractive. That's our take, anyway, as we try to give you the best fantasy draft experience on the internet.

Draft boards give a quick visual analysis of your slow drafts, but feel free also to open a draft board in a separate window as you draft live. Because wide monitors are all the rage now, you can usually open a draft room and the corresponding draft board side-by-side.

  • Pink - Quarterback
  • Green - Running Back
  • Yellow - Wide Receiver
  • Purple - Tight End
  • Brown - Place Kicker
  • Blue - Defense / Special Teams

The draft board refreshes every 15 seconds
Draft picks that were traded to another team will show the drafting team in the upper left corner