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Welcome to the Wonk!

Your league analysis tool for DataForce Fantasy Football contests

Access all of your DataForce leagues

The Wonk works with various statistical projection sites to help you analyze and manage your teams:

  • Draft Wonk - Displays a cheat sheet showing the current status of your draft.
  • Waiver Wonk - Shows all free agents in your league, with this week's projected points.
  • Lineup Wonk - Prepares a suggested starting lineup for your team each week.
  • Trade Wonk - Evaluates a player trade between your team and any other in your league.

The Wonk currently provides four options to get your projections: 1) from 4for4.com, 2) from The Wonk Way, 3) from Fantasy Pros, and 4) from Fantasy Sharks. Some sites are free and some require a subscription.

Each site's projections are tailored by The Wonk to your league's scoring and lineup rules, and are presented in two ways: raw stats weigh every statistical category equally, while enhanced projections (recommended) use a weighting system to emphasize the more reliable statistics. For example, field goal projections, being notoriously hard to predict, are given less emphasis than passing yards, and this tends to move kickers further down the draft list.

Premium Subscription Services

     4for4.com 4for4.com Fantasy Football is an online subscription service providing rankings, insightful analysis and state of the art decision support tools. Their claim to fame is the industry-leading accuracy of both their preseason and in-season projections. They have consistently ranked at or near the top of the FantasyPros competition every year since 2010, beating out some very big industry names.
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     4for4.com The Wonk Way is The Wonk's own player rankings, which helped DataForce owner Lee Harmon earn nearly $100,000 in steady winnings (prizes less entry fees) over the course of about twelve years. Because DataForce employees can no longer play fantasy football except in private leagues, The Wonk is now free to share his secret sauce. His modus operandi is to let you balance your preferences over three different directions: 1) by the numbers, 2) by the news, and 3) from the gut.

Free Fantasy Projections

FantasyNerds.com FantasyNerds.com aggregates rankings from the best experts on the web and weights those rankings based upon a number of factors including each website's past accuracy..That information is used to further tailor the aggregated rankings and projections to what you need. DataForce has an agreement with FantasyNerds to provide these stats free of charge to our customers.

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From PlayerProfiler: Today’s fantasy managers are sophisticated and smart, wielding digital power tools to construct superteams. For teams serious about winning, PlayerProfiler is here with Player Rankings that distill the most predictive football stats and data into one easy-to-use resource.

  • Every league format
  • Rankings updated daily
  • Custom-made for mobile
  • One-click spreadsheet downloads
  • Award-winning accuracy

Accurate rankings are the cornerstone of every fantasy game plan, and PlayerProfiler’s Player Rankings will make you the most informed owner in your draft room, guaranteed. It’s the last rankings tool you’ll ever need.

PlayerProfiler provides weekly stat projections for integration direct with DataForce leagues. DataForce has paid for this service and offers it free to our customers.

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FantasyPros.com FantasyPros.com collects projections from dozens of noted experts who compete for the most accurate rankings. They have both free and premium content, including MyPlaybook and Draft Wizard, both of which are integrated with DataForce leagues. DataForce has been granted access to their expert projections for inclusion with The Wonk. Free
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FantasySharks.com FantasySharks.com is a fantasy news provider with a host of analysis tools to help you dominate your draft and then dominate your games each week. They have graciously offered to provide their projections free of charge to DataForce customers. Free
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Don't see your favorite fantasy football site listed? Tell us about them, and tell them about us!

Questions about using The Wonk? Email him at dataforceff@gmail.com