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Season-Long Fantasy Football

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DataForce is Home to Traditional Fantasy Football Leagues

DataForce Fantasy Football offers the best season-long fantasy games and the best prize payouts in the fantasy industry. Our mobile-friendly software is tailored to people on the go, and our feature-rich games appeal to a wide audience.

You're going to like it here, we guarantee it!

What is Season-Long NFL Fantasy Football?

DataForce is a traditional fantasy football commissioner service. Our games last the entire NFL season. You begin with a draft in the summer to form your team. After the draft, you manage your team throughout the year, trading players and draft picks with other teams, picking up free agents, bidding on waiver-wire players, and setting lineups each week for your games.

The best teams advance to the fantasy playoffs and compete for prize money in weeks 14 through 16 of the NFL season.

Industry-Leading Prize Payouts

With prize returns ranging from 82% at the low end to 99% at the high end, you won't find a better return anywhere for your money. DataForce offers Tin Baby leagues for $20 from February through June, and regular leagues begin forming at $50 per team immediately after the NFL draft each year. Our high-end games cost $1000 per team and return 99%.

Prizes Secure in a Trust Fund

What good would the best prize payouts in the industry be if your money wasn't safe? At DataForce, all prize funds are held securely in a trust fund, audited by an attorney firm.

Live Stats Feed

You can watch all of your fantasy football games simultaneously on DataForce live stats feed. Our stats are up-to-the-minute and reliable.

Mobile Friendly Software

DataForce software supports tablets and mobile devices, too! A custom-built mobile interface makes it easy to navigate your leagues, offer and accept trades, set lineups, place waiver bids, and more.

A Variety of League Types

DataForce offers the widest variety of fantasy football leagues in the business. Everyone likes something just a little different, and we aim to satisfy.

A Variety of Draft Methods

Live Drafts

In a live draft, all owners congregate in an online draft room and draft together. You'll take turns selecting players until each team is full. An online draft can take up to two hours.

Email Drafts

Email drafts are much slower, lasting up to two weeks or more. You have eight hours to make each pick, though most owners pick in an hour or less.

Live Auctions

Once you try a live auction, you may never go back to regular drafts. You have $200 in play money to spend on all your players. In a live auction, you gather with the other owners in a live draft room and bid on your players. Live auctions can take three hours or more.

Email Auctions

Email auctions present a very different experience, since in order for the auction to complete in a reasonable amount of time, several players are on the auction block simultaneously. A typical email auction lasts about three weeks.

Welcome to DataForce Fantasy Football

You're going to like it here, we guarantee it!

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